Bill Hibbert


Unsurprisingly this is a personal site for Bill Hibbert. It's not a blog – the world has enough digital chatter without me adding to it – but it does contain some stuff that I think other people might like to see.

It's not a commercial site and contains only one advertisement, which is carefully hidden away at the bottom of the page.

Photo galleries

The photos in these galleries are only low resolution jpegs, auto-adjusted by LightRoom, so the image quality's nothing special. The photos were all taken on either a Canon G7 or Nikon D200, so I can provide a much better file or print based on the original file should anyone want one. If you do, email me specifying what you'd like.

All images are copyright © 2008, W Hibbert unless otherwise indicated.

October 2007: A recent addition

I've just added the One A Day gallery. The objective is not to take and show one photograph a day - much too demanding - but over a period of time to have the equivalent of one photo for every day. Most will be my own photographs, but others I'm collecting, looking at, admiring or working on will also find a place from time to time. I started assembling the photographs in the middle of August, and was doing quite well until I began the site design, when it all fell all apart, due to lack of time and too many distractions.

One of the major purposes of this gallery was to experiment with user interface design. What has resulted is clean and simple and does the job I need using only JS and CSS. It would have been a lot easier with Flash, but that's a cop-out. It should run on any modern browser, but does need Javascript enabled - if you get a warning from Explorer that it's restricted the page from running scripts, you'll just have to tell it not to.

Sooner or later I'll Ruby on Rails it, but I think I should bring it more up-to-date with images first. If you have any comments, I'd be interested to hear them.


Please visit my site Design for Life if you have any interest in photography or the visual arts. At the moment it's only set up to sell my book of 3D photographs by the great French photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue, Hidden Depths, (small sample below), but I plan on adding more contemporary work by the end of 2007.

Yvonne Printemps floating - on air?

The stereoscope and a stereo card showing Yvonne Printemps taking a dip